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Purple Rain

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Purple Rain
Purple Rain Work in Progress: Work in Progress Work in Progress Work in Progress Work in Progress

Name: Purple Rain

DeviantART: +Purple Rain+

Size: 34x46 cm

Media: Winsor&Newton watercolors on Fabriano paper, art masking fluid, black ink.

Date: 9.08.2008

I never meant to cause you any sorrow
I never meant to cause you any pain
I only wanted to one time see you laughing
I only wanted to see you laughing in the purple rain
Purple rain, purple rain...

Prince - "Purple Rain"

To paint it I used this photo: Perfect Harmony by deviantART's *artsaves1228 of Robin and her husband. It was simply perfect for this painting. I have Robin's written permission to use it. The painting itself became very popular in such short time, I wasn't able to clear my message box until today. It is available as print in deviantART's shop. The original is not for sale.

PS. Dziękuję Ci :*

All art © Karolina Szczęsna