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Freshly chopped

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Freshly chopped
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Name: Freshly chopped

DeviantART: Freshly chopped

Size: 34x46 cm

Media: Winsor&Newton watercolors on Fabriano paper, art masking fluid, black ink, white and black gelpen.

Date: 6.10.2008

I'm a great fan of The Witcher saga by A. Sapkowski. So I couldn't resist participating in The Witcher game fanart contest on deviantART. I haven't played the game myself yet (crappy pc), but I was my roommate's faithful spectator. That's why creating a fanart of the game was rather easy. My own imaginated Geralt is a bit different than this.

The fanart was supposed to be somehow related not only to the game, but to it's enhanced edition with additional adventures. In one of those adventures Geralt is chasing wolves around forests surrounding Kaer Morhen, killing archespores growing on human bodies.

Large size, finished piece scanned in 4 pieces.

All art © Karolina Szczęsna