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Added 23:40:37, 24.08.2008 by Hikaru

My own website buttons and banners.

Tiny website button (88x31px)

Small banner (200x40px)
Banner Small

Large banner (400x51px)
Banner Large

HUGE banner (468x60px)
Banner Large
Feel free to steal. I will not be offended if someone links towards me.

anachsunamon's avataranachsunamon on deviantART
My main deviantART profile. Dedicated to traditional drawings and painting, that is more or less everything you can find here. More or less everything, but in a different way.

nenneko's avatarnenneko on deviantART
Cats, cats and once again cats! Photos of my cats, my friends' cats, my neighbours' cats and every homeless cat I came across. Something for cat lovers.

anachs-photos avataranachs-photos on deviantART
The one and only place on-line where I store my non-cat photography (of poor quality). But I'm not very good at this, so it's just something I do from time to time.

Nasza-klasa.pl My N-K profile

Befriended galleries and artists I admire:

Lukiih Cuan - Lukiih.com Justin Cherry - Nivbed
Gabriela Malinowska - transfixed.eu Edyta - Hylaios
Tatiana Kirgetova - Lost Rose Katie De Sousa
Gracjana Zielińska - Vinegaria Kagaya - Kagaya Studio
Stephanie Pui-Mun Law - Shadowscapes
Selina Fenech
Anna Augustyniak - Haunted Nest
Meredith Dillman
Luciole Loong - Comfort
Joanna Michalak - Viridarium
Gary Tonge - visionafar.com
Robert Carter - crackedhat.com
Michael Zancan - zancan.fr
Greg Martin - artofgregmartin.com
Daria Widermańska - anako.pl

That's what I like :D
Ostra Kuchnia Yerba Mate Pajarito
J. P. Fantastica
Original art shop - SklepPlastyczny.pl
Everything for artists - plastyk.pl