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Let Me Be Your Light

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Let Me Be Your Light
Let Me Be Your Light Details: Detailed view Work in Progress: Work in Progress

Name: Let Me Be Your Light

DeviantART: + Let Me Be Your Light +

Size: 30x40 cm

Media: Winsor&Newton watercolors on Fabriano paper, black ink.

Date: 29.10.2006

Just taking a breath, just to feel the same pain
Little by little, happiness gathers into love, is what I finally realised...

Because in the eyes that rests on my frozen shoulders
I have found the one I want to protect...

KOTOKO - "Agony" Kannaduki no Miko ED single

Aleksandra. You will always be my light. I will always seek your warmth. Somewhere down the line, I'm sure we'll meet again.

All art © Karolina Szczęsna