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Lettuce-Cat Work in Progress: Work in Progress

Name: Lettuce-Cat

DeviantART: ..:: Cheshire Cat ::..

Size: A4

Media: Stabilo pens

Date: 16.01.2002

The very first pen cat by me. Szymon said he looks like lettuce leaves. I always loved his grin. That's why he's named "Cheshire Cat" on deviantART, because he reminded me so much of cat from Alice. The first Nenneke's Cat . But I was never good enough to reach Her level anyway :)

There's a A4 cross-stitch pattern of this picture, hand-made by Szymon and me. It was also stitched on canvas in ~1 month and it was about 30x40 cm large, I don't remember now exactly. We won a bet by doing that. And we sure showed Her! :)

PS. I've added the scanned cross-stitch pattern, if you're brave enough.

All art © Karolina Szczęsna