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The Heart Of Time

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The Heart Of Time
The Heart Of Time Details: Detailed view Detailed view Detailed view

Name: The Heart Of Time

DeviantART: 34 :The Heart Of Time:

Size: A4

Media: Black MonAmi SUPERGEL 0.5 gelpen on Canson paper

Date: 3.08.2007

Time is a bastard. When you're in a hurry, theres never enough of it. But when you have more than enough, you get bored to death. There might be a cat behind all this... A cat holding the timeline.

Someone asked me once how would I imagine the heart of time. The idea waited over two years to be drawn.

The bottom of this drawing is a little messy and less detailed, because all this caused a total destruction of my last living gelpen. It's colorised green just for fun ;)

All art © Karolina Szczęsna