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Recent uploads...

Added 22:38:04, 23.05.2013 by Hikaru

A couple of most recent drawings and paintings submitted to the gallery:

*** Recent uploads! ***

Thoughts Illumination Spellcaster Purple Stained Shadows Chromatismo Mother Of Dragons The Power of Imadination

And one I'm really, really, REEEALLY proud of:


The Power of Imadination

To be continued!


Recent Uploads

Added 18:02:43, 13.05.2012 by Hikaru

Again, with the lack of 'Recent uploads' news feed...
Anyway, this time photos only, packed together from our last few trips. Enjoy!

Corralejo El Cotillo Fuerteventura Mountains Ajuy Wilanow Lake Wieliczka Circle Salinas

Famara Globe Fire El Golfo Los Hervideros Cat Cat Cat

To be continued!



Recent Uploads!

Added 22:04:51, 24.01.2012 by Hikaru

I must seriously consider requesting a module for creating this 'recent uploads' news feed...
Anyway, most recent uploads:

Reflections Friends 2 Winter 2 The Sorceress Eyjafjallajokull Girls on Film Music Tenshi no Koi Blood The last time that You and I

Siren Melted Curves Darkness Melancholy

To be continued!



Buggs & such...

Added 23:10:32, 17.10.2010 by Hikaru

Seriously. I cannot believe I made a nasty mistake over a year ago, which effected in graphics on my website not being displayed correctly, or rather not being displayed at all, and no one noticed! Well, the bug did only take effect in IE 6 specific style sheet, so congrats for not using prehistoric browser.

Having some ups & downs recently. Buying a flat is scarry. Doing cold calculations is scarry. I must say, this fair country of ours sure isn't making it any easier for a single person without small fortune in savings. Now that I think of it, washing dishes in the UK seems to be a much more reasonable choice.

I need to paint so badly I want to scream. Burning on the inside like I was inflamed. How do I do this without saying too much? Why, for the first time in my life, I'd like to keep some thoughts only to myself? And the answer is what scares me the most.

Me on Facebook

Added 20:55:02, 03.05.2010 by Hikaru

It has happend.
My humble self can now be found in the depths of facebook.com site. The pressure of society was just too high ;)

Facebook screenshot

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